Teaching Portfolio Guidelines

Faculty who are being considered for a BOG Excellence in Teaching Award will be asked to submit a Portfolio consisting of the following items (please note that deadline dates will change from year to year):

  1. First, we need a list of 10 names of former students. The contacts for references will be from students not presently enrolled in a class being taught by the nominee. This can include students who have graduated. The committee will contact these students and request letters of reference. The letters will be sent to the committee and will be placed in your portfolio. We ask that you do not request letters but that you allow us to collect and place them in your portfolio.
  2. Second, you must submit a portfolio.

General Portfolio Guidelines

Nominees will be assigned a University Awards Committee mentor to assist with the portfolio submission process.

Content Guidelines

In this portfolio, we would like you to provide information in the following areas:

Section 1. Cover letter and current curriculum vita or resume

  • Include a one page cover letter at the beginning of this section.
  • Your CV should be in a standard format with a focus on your teaching activities and research as it relates to teaching.

Section 2. Philosophy of teaching

(This section is not to exceed 2500 words) This document should include the following:

  • A description of the scope of your teaching responsibilities
  • Your teaching philosophy reflecting your development as a teacher
  • Methods you use to achieve your students' learning goals
  • Steps you take to evaluate, improve, enhance, and energize your teaching and your other work with students
  • Future teaching goals

Section 3. List of courses taught at ASU over your time of employment

  • A statement of the variety of courses taught
  • Development of new courses
  • Samples of syllabi as needed
  • Evidence of student outcomes: sample assignments or other student work (maxiumum of 5)

Section 4. Evaluation of teaching

  • One page summary of your evaluations
  • Peer evaluations of teaching (two most recent)
  • Student evaluation of teaching - include all possible evaluations from the past 2 years.

Section 5. Information that supports the nomination

  • Letter from your Department Chair or Dean
  • Statements of support from faculty and professional colleagues (3 to 5 support letters)

Section 6. Nomination Letter and Student Letters

This section will be added by the committee after you submit the portfolio.

  • Nomination Letter
  • Student Letters - These will be solicited by the awards committee. Please do NOT contact students directly.