Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Disability laws require that institutions of higher education make adjustments/accommodations for  qualified individuals with disabilities. These are federal civil rights laws that protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination on the basis of a disability and promote the full inclusion of individuals with disabilities in programs, services and activities.

The Office of Access & Equity: Disability Resources (ODR) is the designated office to determine and coordinate academic adjustments for students. Academic adjustments enable students to complete the established academic standards and course/program requirements, by providing equal access and opportunity for participation.

Faculty play an integral role in providing equal access to students, therefore faculty are encouraged to work with ODR regarding the provision of academic adjustments/accommodations, student rights to confidentiality and privacy, and resources available through ODR. 

Faculty who have questions or concerns regarding a student’s approved accommodation, should contact ODR at 828-262-3056 or

The Office of Disability Resources recommends including the following text on syllabi and course web sites:

App State is committed to providing an inclusive experience, accessible learning environments, and equal opportunity to individuals with disabilities in accordance with disability law. Individuals needing academic adjustments/accommodations on the basis of a disability for equal access should contact the Office of Access & Equity: Disability Resources (ODR) at 828.262.3056 or