Instructions for Recommendations/Actions Sheet

  1. In the column entitled "Promotion History," give the year in which the ranks were attained by either initial appointment or promotion.
  2. In the column entitled "Action of APT," a number 1, 2, or 3 should be used as follows:
    1. Eligible and considered
    2. Eligible but requested not to be considered
    3. Eligible but not considered (when this is the case, an explanation should be attached giving the reason why the individual was not considered)
  3. Under the column entitled "Recommendations / Action Regarding Promotion," the following should be observed:
  • Except for the column entitled "Actions of APT," respond with "Yes" or "No"– "Yes" indicating a recommendation (or action) to promote and "No" indicating a recommendation (or action) not to promote.
  • Include vote of the APT under the column "Recommendation of APT."