Professional Licensure

App State programs that lead to a professional license or certificate are intended to prepare a student for potential licensure or certification in North Carolina. These programs meet the relevant academic requirements for the licensure or certification board/agencies in North Carolina.

The programs are making reasonable attempts to make determinations, please continue to check back for updates. Review the professional licensure disclosures status by state for your intended program. The State Disclosure spreadsheets indicate:

  • Meets - curriculum meets state educational requirements
  • Does Not Meet - curriculum does not meet state educational requirements

If you are planning to seek a professional license or certification outside North Carolina, it is important for you to know the specific requirements of the state in which you intend to apply for licensure or certification. Licensure requirements vary from one profession to another and state-to-state.

Prior to enrollment, contact the appropriate licensing body to determine whether the professional licensure certificate or program meets the requirements for licensure in the state which you intend to practice.

Professional Licensing Program Contacts

If you need additional information, you should email or call the appropriate program contact.


Phone: 828-262-7559
Toll-Free: 800-355-4084