Pass/No Credit decision for Spring 2021

Dear Students,


This morning, the Undergraduate Academic Policies & Procedures (AP&P) committee provided me with a recommendation against implementing a Pass/No Credit option for students this semester.

Since last fall, my leadership team and I have sought input on this matter. We have had many discussions with the faculty whose responsibility it is to make the best, most informed decisions for the wellbeing of our students, and we have met numerous times with Student Government representatives to discuss this matter.

In recent days, I have read resolutions addressing this that were passed by our Student Government Association and our Faculty Senate, talked with various student representatives and faculty members, and have read every email that has been sent to me about the matter.

Please know I have carefully considered each perspective, balanced all of the input, and have decided to accept the AP&P recommendation. We will not offer a Pass/No Credit option for the Spring 2021 semester. However:

  • We have extended the final day to drop a class to Monday, April 26, to allow students additional time to discuss their options with their faculty and their advisors.
  • We will offer financial assistance to students who need to take summer classes.
  • We have discussed leniency with our faculty throughout the semester, and will continue to emphasize this.

It is important to note that App State’s faculty and administration care very deeply about the success of our students. If you need assistance or have concerns about your performance in your classes, I urge you to contact your faculty and/or department chair. If you need support or assistance managing challenges you are facing, please reach out to the Dean of Students office. If you are facing extreme academic challenges and need help beyond what has been provided by your faculty and department chair, please reach out to the Academic Affairs leadership team at

Thank you, and I wish you the very best for a successful completion of your semester.


Heather H. Norris, Ph.D.
Interim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Appalachian State University
B.B. Dougherty
Boone, NC 28608

Published: Apr 21, 2021 10:20am