Important Update: Departmental Reorganization

Dear Campus Colleagues;


The Appalachian Studies graduate and undergraduate programs within the College of Arts and Sciences will merge into the current Department of Interdisciplinary Studies. The Center of Appalachian Studies will continue to coordinate and promote public programs and research activities on the Appalachian Mountain region.

The department name and abbreviation - Center for Appalachian Studies (AS) will be removed in Banner. The department name and abbreviation for Appalachian Studies programs will be Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS).

The course prefix and its description will remain (AS) - Appalachian Studies.

For catalog and Banner (Student Records & Student Curriculum) purposes, this reorganization is Effective: Fall 2021 (for the 2021-2022 undergraduate and graduate bulletins.)

For budgeting and contract purposes, the Effective date is July 1, 2021.

Undergraduate programs moving to IDS:

Appalachian Studies Minor (204)
Appalachian Music: Roots and Influences Minor (100)
Oversight of the General Education Integrative Learning Experience theme: Appalachian Mountains: Community, Culture, and Land.

Graduate programs moving to IDS:

Master of Arts in Appalachian Studies with two concentrations: Culture and Music (MA_204F); and Sustainability in Appalachia (MA_204E)
Graduate Certificate in Appalachian Studies (GCERT_200A); offered on-campus & online
Graduate Minor in Appalachian Studies (203)


Office of Academic Affairs

Published: Oct 11, 2021 10:33am