Class Syllabus Policies

sent on behalf of Dr. Mark Ginn, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education


Dear Faculty Members,

As you prepare your courses for the upcoming semester we ask that you keep the following university policies and practices in mind:

Syllabus Policy

From the Faculty Handbook
 "A syllabus is to be prepared for each course and distributed at the first of the semester. The syllabus should include the following: an explanation of course goals and objectives, the name of the text and any other materials required of each student, the instructor’s office hours, an explanation of how the grade is to be determined, and an explanation of any additional reading, papers, projects and examinations which the instructor expects to give or assign."

University policies to be included in syllabi

Current syllabi should also reflect the following policies and statements: Academic Integrity Code, accommodations for students with disabilities, Attendance Policy, and the Statement on Student Engagement with Courses.  You may either include the full text from the site below or just state in the syllabus that ASU has official policies covering each of these categories and provide a link to the Academic Affairs site at

Optional Syllabus Statements

The statements found here on Food Insecurity, Title IX Reporting Obligations, and Public Sharing of Course Materials.  These statements have been vetted and are consistent with university policies.  They may be included on syllabi as desired.  Please note that additional explanation has been added to the Title IX Reporting Obligation statement.

Final Exams

While you are finalizing your syllabi, please keep in mind that final exams are a part of the regular academic term and that meeting time is figured into our SACSCOC and UNC meeting time minimums.  
Classes that have an asynchronous meeting pattern with no assigned meeting time have no assigned exam time.   

Attendance Policies in the time of COVID

Last summer a group of faculty and staff put together some recommendations on attendance policies and class attendance during the time of COVID.  While we have learned a lot in the past year, it still may be worthwhile to look at this document as you finalize your course policies and procedures. 


COVID Policies

It may make sense to put a link to the Fall 21 Guide to Campus Operations  in your syllabi.  This is preferable to quoting individual policies in the syllabus as we have all learned that this situation is fluid and policies can change.  

 Speaking of changes, a bullet was added late last week to the Face Covering section of the Guide stating that a face covering is not required if you are actively teaching. To clarify,  fully vaccinated faculty members may pull their face coverings down while actively instructing.  Those who are not vaccinated should continue to wear a face covering.  Face shields and clear face masks are being provided to departments upon request for any faculty member who wishes to use one while actively teaching - regardless of vaccination status. This is consistent with section 4.2.4 of the ASU Face Covering Policy.


Student Face Coverings in Class

Several faculty have asked about enforcing the face covering policy in class.  The Office of Student Conduct has put together these suggestions on how to approach this subject.

Weeknight Football

This fall we are scheduled to host two weeknight football games. The first is on Thursday, September 23 and the second on Wednesday, October 20.  Both games start at 7:30PM. Classes will go on as scheduled on those days but as in the past parking will gradually transition to a game day situation.  More specifics on the timing of this changeover will be shared later.

Thanks for all you do for Appalachian State and our students,

Mark Ginn, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and
Professor of Mathematics
Academic Affairs
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC 28608


Additional COVID-19 resources found here.



Published: Aug 12, 2021 3:17pm