Strategic Planning Advisory Council (SPAC)


As you know, our strategic plan entitled "The Appalachian Experience: Envisioning a Just and Sustainable Future", was approved by the Board of Trustees approximately 18 months ago. Now, having been charged with advancing the strategic plan, the university has formed a 15-member Strategic Planning Advisory Council (SPAC) that is co-chaired by me and Vice Chancellor Randy Edwards. We wish to thank our colleagues who served on the 32-member University Planning and Priorities Council for their hard work on the strategic plan up to this point. I have met with that group and some of those same individuals have now agreed to serve on SPAC.

This representative Council will begin hosting conversations with key campus stakeholders this Fall. The goal of these conversations is to prioritize elements of the strategic plan for: (a) funding and (b) provide messaging for Chancellor Everts. This work on the strategic plan will help us in the spring semester and beyond as we work collaboratively to advance the Innovation Campus as part of our larger campus master planning effort.

Members from the Office of Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning (IRAP) will document the substance of each of these meetings and assist with capturing your priorities. In addition to these face to face meetings, we will also have a web portal where members from the campus community can provide input and feedback through the end of the fall semester.

The following members of our campus community have graciously agreed to serve on the Strategic Planning Advisory Council (SPAC):

  • J.J. Brown (Student Development Representative)
  • Scott Collier (College of Health Sciences Representative)
  • Jill Ehnenn (College of Arts and Sciences Representative)
  • Randy Edwards (Co-Chair)
  • Hank Foreman (Advancement Representative)
  • Paul Gates (Faculty Senate)
  • Mark Ginn (Council of Chairs Representative)
  • Tammy Kowalczyk (College of Business Representative)
  • Darrell Kruger (Co-Chair)
  • Heather Langdon (IRAP)
  • Greg Lovins (Business Affairs Representative)
  • Heather Norris (Dean Representative)
  • Chris Osmond (College of Education Representative)
  • Jeff Ramsdell (College of Fine and Applied Arts Representative)
  • Jim Stokes (Hayes School of Music Representative)

We will certainly keep you updated as this important and exciting process moves forward.


Dr. Darrell Kruger
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

Published: Oct 5, 2015 12:00pm