Preferred First Name Initiative


I am pleased to announce that our Registrar's Office, in collaboration with ITS, has made the necessary modifications for phase one of our Preferred First Name initiative to be visible in Banner Self Service on Friday, April 1. This initiative allows a student to indicate a preferred first-name (e.g., middle name, nickname, or other preferred name) that will display on selected pages accessible from the Faculty Services and Advisor menus. To date, more than 10,700 students have indicated a preferred first name, allowing you access to these preferred first-names so that you can refer to students as they wish to be called.

While we are excited about the progress that has been made, we realize there is further development needed. With that in mind, a working group has been established to continue with phase two of this important initiative. As we continue progress, this website will be used for status updates:

I am delighted that this initial step has been made to further our commitment to diversity and inclusion on our campus.

Darrell P. Kruger
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor 

Published: Apr 1, 2016 2:40pm