High-risk consideration process for Spring 2021

Sent on behalf of Jacqui Bergman, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Dear colleagues,

As your departments work to finalize course schedules for this Spring 2021 semester, we are assuming that consideration for conditions that place individuals at high risk for complications associated with COVID-19 will still be relevant in the Spring.  You will recall that, to support the safety of all university faculty and staff who may have underlying high-risk health conditions or other personal circumstances affecting their safe return to on-campus work, the University implemented a voluntary, confidential process for the review of high-risk factors and assistance with obtaining appropriate workplace considerations to mitigate the risks.

To support the completion of Spring course schedules, and to streamline the high-risk consideration process for the Spring 2021 semester, all workplace considerations that were approved for faculty for the Fall 2020 semester will be automatically extended through the Spring 2021 semester, and department chairs will be asked to continue any course adjustments that were made in the Fall.

Faculty who did not request consideration for Fall 2020 semester but wish to do so for the Spring 2021 semester may submit requests at this time or once course scheduling through the department has been completed, if their needs are not otherwise accommodated. Faculty who submitted requests for consideration for the Fall 2020 semester but withdrew their requests because their needs were met through department scheduling may elect to have their previous requests reactivated by contacting the Office of Human Resources, if their needs are not otherwise accommodated through the departmental scheduling process.

Information about the high-risk consideration process, including FAQ’s and a link to the secure web form, can be found on the Office of Human Resources COVID-19 website at: https://hr.appstate.edu/covid-19-coronavirus

In the event that circumstances improve regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, or business needs of the university change, additional information will be provided to the campus community promptly.

If you have any questions, please contact Angie Miller (millerad@appstate.edu) or Carolyn Bosley (bosleycm@appstate.edu) in the Office of Human Resources. 

Thank you!


Published: Sep 10, 2020 2:58pm