Graphic Design (BFA)

Shown here are the general learning goals of the program broken down into specific student learning outcomes (SLOs). These SLOs represent what a student should be able to do as a result of successfully completing this program. Student performance on these outcomes are routinely assessed by program faculty as a way of informing programmatic improvement efforts.

Goal Outcome

1. Students will demonstrate competence in the creation of two, three, and four dimensional form

  • 1.1 Students will apply a skillful understanding of aesthetics
  • 1.2 Students will apply a working knowledge of design principles and elements
  • 1.3 Students will employ a high degree of craft

2. Students will employ analytical thinking skills throughout the design process

  • 2.1 Students will evaluate design's environmental and social impact
  • 2.2 Students will evaluate the audiences and contexts which communication solutions must address
  • 2.3 Students will identify communication problems
  • 2.4 Students will recognize, differentiate and evaluate the factors that shape design decisions

3. Students will explain and employ design theories and methods

  • 3.1 Students will explain and apply systems theory
  • 3.2 Students will explain and employ principles of visual rhetoric and semiotics

4. Students will develop research skills in the discipline

  • 4.1 Students will demonstrate a thoughtful and rich creative and ideation process
  • 4.2 Students will employ appropriate strategies and techniques when researching audiences and design contexts

5. Students will be prepared to work as entry-level graphic designers

  • 5.1 Students will appropriately use terminology of the discipline
  • 5.2 Students will articulately use verbal and non-verbal communication for effective comprehension
  • 5.3 Students will collaborate effectively with others in a shared research and design process
  • 5.4 Students will demonstrate an awareness of current trends
  • 5.5 Students will explain, discuss and describe business practices and ethics
  • 5.6 Students will explain, discuss and employ environmentally & socially responsible design and work processes

6. Students will acquire a broad understanding of the history of graphic design, typography and art

  • 6.1 Students will place works of art and design in historical, cultural and stylistic contexts