Fermentation Sciences (BS)

Shown here are the general learning goals of the program broken down into specific student learning outcomes (SLOs). These SLOs represent what a student should be able to do as a result of successfully completing this program. Student performance on these outcomes are routinely assessed by program faculty as a way of informing programmatic improvement efforts.

Goal Outcome

1. Students will synthesize knowledge of key scientific principles of fermentation across various applications.

  • 1.1 Students identify main biological and chemical inputs and endproducts of various fermentation processes.
  • 1.2 Students can describe and differentiate between critical process points in various applications of fermentation
  • 1.3 Students will apply knowledge of fermentation biochemistry to analyze new situations.

2. Students will demonstrate aptitude with scientific research methods including the development of effective research questions, tests, and interpretation of results.

  • 2.1 Students will demonstrate effective critical thinking.
  • 2.2 Students will apply scientific principles to a research or production project.
  • 2.3 Students will analyze experimental results and draw reasonable conclusions from them.

3. Students will show adaptability and skill in effective communication to both a scientific/academic audience as well as within a professional/production environment.

  • 3.1 Students clearly describe and differentiate between various views on topics relevant to Fermentation Sciences.
  • 3.2 Students demonstrate clear verbal and written communication skills appropriate for a professional audience.
  • 3.3 Students are able to construct a persuasive argument supported by research or other evidence.