Biology (BA/BS)

Shown here are the general learning goals of the program broken down into specific student learning outcomes (SLOs). These SLOs represent what a student should be able to do as a result of successfully completing this program. Student performance on these outcomes are routinely assessed by program faculty as a way of informing programmatic improvement efforts.

Goal Outcome

1. Communicate effectively in both oral and written form.

  • 1.1 Students will apply college-level quantitative concepts when interpreting information developed for the written and oral presentation.
  • 1.2 Students will demonstrate effective presentation of scientific findings using the conventions of the sub-discipline.
  • 1.3 Students will use writing effectively to communicate ideas, develop arguments and synthesize knowledge.

2. Identify and critically address broad underlying biological ideas and concepts.

  • 2.1 Students will construct and defend scientific arguments and conclusions.
  • 2.2 Students will interpret data necessary to answer questions regarding fundamental biological concepts.

3. Demonstrate the scientific endeavor across the many subdisciplines within biology.

  • 3.1 Students will demonstrate skill sets appropriate for their sub-discipline or career track.