Art and Visual Culture (BA)

Shown here are the general learning goals of the program broken down into specific student learning outcomes (SLOs). These SLOs represent what a student should be able to do as a result of successfully completing this program. Student performance on these outcomes are routinely assessed by program faculty as a way of informing programmatic improvement efforts.

Goal Outcome

1. Students will communicate effectively and critically.

  • 1.1 Students will apply critical understanding of works of art in class discussion and oral presentations.
  • 1.2 Students will apply knowledge gained from historical research to analysis of individual works of art within their specific historical context.
  • 1.3 Students will apply visual analysis in their written descriptions of individual works of art.

2. Students will develop information literacy in the humanities.

  • 2.1 Students will evaluate various source materials for quality and relevance.
  • 2.2 Students will identify and find art history scholarship.
  • 2.3 Students will identify current scholarly activity in art history and integrate this material into their research.

3. Students will evaluate and interpret works of art.

  • 3.1 Students will compare works of art and evaluate their relative significance.
  • 3.2 Students will gain connoisseurship skills and use them to describe and evaluate works of art.
  • 3.3 Students will identify the materials used in an artwork and understand the significance of the medium.
  • 3.4 Students will identify various formal and compositional elements in order to effectively analyze a work of art.

4. Students will know the history of art from a global perspective.

  • 4.1 Students will develop a visual memory and be able to recall specific examples of works of art.
  • 4.2 Students will identify the movement with which a work of art is associated through stylistic analysis.
  • 4.3 Students will identify works created by specific artists.
  • 4.4 Students will know the history of materials and image-making technologies
  • 4.5 Students will recall the history of specific artists through research and close study.