Computer Information Systems (BSBA)

Shown here are the general learning goals of the program broken down into specific student learning outcomes (SLOs). These SLOs represent what a student should be able to do as a result of successfully completing this program. Student performance on these outcomes are routinely assessed by program faculty as a way of informing programmatic improvement efforts.

Goal Outcome

G.1 Students should understand basic computer definitions

  • G1.01 Describe different types of software used in an organization to remain competitive
  • G1.02 Recognize how different types of hardware can be used to meet the demands of business
  • G1.03 Recognize the difference between data items and information as well as knowledge
  • G1.04 Describe the different types of information systems that support business functions

G.2 Students should understand the impacts of security issues in relation to IT

  • G2.01 Identify the different elements of privacy
  • G2.02 Identify the different types of security threats that can cause harm to an information system

G.3 Students should understand how networks share resources

  • G3.01 Differentiate between the four different network applications

G.4 Students should understand the data life cycle

  • G4.01 Describe the data life cycle